The audit screen is accessed via the circled icon on the toolbar
There are a list of searches on the left.
Clicking on PCT Report button will churn out a selection of these.
You can modify the searches with the parameters below the list.
This search examines each patient's last INR and calulates a percentage in range.
This shows the distribution of conditions.
This shows age bands and numbers of registered patients across time.
Click on the second tab: browse
You can download the datasets to export for further analysis.

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These screens show you the audit options
There are numerous searches to choose from.
The PCT report churns out a selection of these searches.
Two useful ones are at the end of the list
1. Point prevalence and 2. Therapeutic percentage time in range

1. Getting started
2. Add a new patient
3. Enter an INR
4. Audit
5. Database Utilities
6. FAQs

    Please note RAT should only be used by health professionals familiar with warfarin management
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