Click on the second icon from the left on the toolbar (circled red)
This input screen will appear, add patient details.
Choose the indication for warfarin from the list
The target range and treatment length will appear automatically
In this case atrial fibrillation has been chosen.
Enter historical INRs, warfarin doses and review dates
The dose is the new recommendation based on the INR
Please note that the weekly dose of warfarin must be entered.
The Past medical history tab is an option if you wish to use it
You can enter a list of important problems or issues
The OBRI is an option to assess bleeding risk if required.
The 'Starting Rx' tab is for either slow or fast initiation.
Do not enter any INRs in the history tab if you wish to use one of these options.
This final tab is rarely used
It is to record if the patient has had a bleed since their previous visit.

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These screens take you through add a new patient.
Please note that the warfarin dose is entered as a weekly amount.
When you have all details entered you can check the box 'Continue with this patient' to go to the patient record.

1. Getting Started
2. Add a new patient
3. Enter an INR
4. Audit
5. Database Utilities
6. FAQs

    Please note RAT should only be used by health professionals familiar with warfarin management
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