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Guidelines and end treatment date
Posted by: Amanda Johnstone ()
Date: 28 February, 2014 09:57PM


Could you let me know which Guidelines RAT uses please ( we are in Scotland).
Also,it would be very handy to audit pts who are past their treatment end date -I`m not familiar with RAT (used INR star at prev practice which had the ability to run of a list of such pts ) - will I have to do this manually or is there a way to this more easily?
Thank you


Re: Guidelines and end treatment date
Posted by: Colm Rafferty ()
Date: 28 February, 2014 10:39PM

Dear Amanda,
Please check the RAT information on the website (www.formulae.com) regarding guidelines. RAT uses a tried and tested method based on a BMJ paper from 1989.

Regarding length of treatment, patients get a warning automatically if they are beyond treatment length which is in real time.

RAT is used in over 600 Practices in the UK
If you have any further queries pleas email me a cgr@formulae.com

Best wishes
Colm Rafferty

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