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transferring to network
Posted by: Gill W ()
Date: 28 November, 2012 02:39PM

I am having problems with transferring the Rat programme to our shared files. I have tried to just drag and drop and it appears to be in the shared file but when it is accessed from another machine it wants to be installed as new software. I did update the version we have today as well and I don't know whether this has any bearing on the matter. Is there any way round this problem as we have a new member of staff using the programme but who has no access to the original terminal.

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Re: transferring to network
Posted by: Colm Rafferty ()
Date: 28 November, 2012 03:44PM

When networking RAT you need to follow the instructions below:.
(It is not just a matter of copying files across to a shared folder)

The main file to consider is INR.MDB.
This is the main database file that stores all the patient details.
When you install RAT on a PC, and choose the default settings, INR.MDB will be at C:\Program files\Rat version 3 folder
To confirm this, start RAT on your regular PC, go to top menu and choose 'Help'. A submenu will appear. Choose 'About RAT'
A window will appear. You will see a reference to the path where INR.MDB is stored.

If you want to use RAT on more than one PC, you need to copy this INR.MDB file to the shared folder on your server. Create a sub folder in the shared folder and call it 'RAT database' or something similar.
You then need to point your first PC to this file on the server.
Go to the top menu on RAT
Go to the menu item Database->Change network database
A popup window will appear.
From the pull-down combo box, choose 'network neighbourhood'
You then need to find the server and the shared folder.
Once you get to it the INR file will appear.
Click OK once you have selected it.

To confirm you are now reading the INR.MDB file on the shared folder
Go to top menu again and choose 'Help'. A submenu will appear. Choose 'About RAT'
A window will appear. You will see a new reference to the path where INR.MDB is stored.
It will be something like '\\your_server\shared\RAT database\INR.MDB'
Your clinical system may be setup to create shared drives rather than shared folders.
You will need to speak to your main clinical supplier on how to set this up.

To repeat on a second PC you need to install the full copy of RAT on the second PC and then repeat the procedure to link to the shared folder.
Downoad and run from: [www.formulae.com]

It is best not to have too many PCs using RAT as you could have too many users altering INR results. Also when updating RAT you need to update each PC.

Colm Rafferty

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