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Run Time Error
Posted by: David Jones ()
Date: 22 November, 2012 08:47AM

We have brought a patient out of archive but her record will not open. Programme hangs with message 'getting previous INR's' and on closing > Run time error 3420. No other patient is affected. We have run Database repair to no avail. Meanwhile I have added her as a duplicate but can not remove the offending record. Regards

Re: Run Time Error
Posted by: Colm Rafferty ()
Date: 22 November, 2012 09:05AM

Dear David,
I think probably stick with the current solution.
The patient in the archive should not affect the RAT functionality.
The only other option is to update to the latest version and then re-run the database repair.
There was a bug similar to this that affected active patients and was fixed with an update.

Colm Rafferty

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