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Posted by: Pauline Lusby ()
Date: 31 August, 2010 09:11AM

We have got a message saying, "Thank you for evaluating RAT". The Western Trust is no longer paying for RATS so we will follow the necessary steps to register. My concern is will we be able to retrieve the information that we had on system regarding the patients as we are currently unable to access it?

Re: registration
Posted by: C Rafferty ()
Date: 01 September, 2010 03:32PM

Dear Pauline,
It sounds as though you have lost the connection to the main RAT database on the PC you are using.
Was RAT working OK previously?
Are you using RAT on more than one PC?
If so, are the other RAT PCs OK?

You probably have the main database 'INR.MDB' on a shared folder on your server.

To check , go to one of the other RAT PCs.
Start RAT. On the top menu will be menu items. Choose 'Help'.
A submenu will appear. Choose 'About RAT'
A window will appear.
You will see a path to the INR.MDB database.
It should be someting like : \\server\shared\Rat_folder\INR.MDB
or... P:\Rat\INR.MDB

To change the database path on the RAT PC that is giving the 'evaluation message', go to the top menu, Choose 'Database'
A submenu will appear.
Choose 'Change network database'
A window will appear.
You then need to use the network icon to go to the shared path on the server.

Once done, recheck the first step to make sure the paths on all RAT PCs are the same.

Let me know what happens

Colm Rafferty

Re: registration
Posted by: Pauline Lusby ()
Date: 02 September, 2010 01:47PM

Dear Dr Rafferty

We followed the instructions above and were able to resolve the problem.

We had contacted the ICT department at the BSO who advised us that our registration had lapsed and we duly sent a cheque to register.

Could you please check if our registration has lapsed and if this is not the case return the cheque.

Kind regards,
Pauline Lusby.

Re: registration
Posted by: rosie clarke ()
Date: 05 August, 2013 03:14PM

hi colm
am unable to update to last version am still on 3.814
manager says she has paid subscription
plz help
many thanks rosie

Re: registration
Posted by: Colm Rafferty ()
Date: 05 August, 2013 04:28PM

Hi Rosie
Can you send me your Practice name to cgr@formulae.com and I will send you details via email

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