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INR Dose above 4.9
Posted by: Jacqui Robb ()
Date: 03 August, 2010 07:47AM

Hi, we're using RAT for the four month trial period. We've come across a problem if a patient is calculated as having an INR result of over 4.9. A good few of our patients have results above 6. Is there a solution? Many thanks, Jacqui.

Re: INR Dose above 4.9
Posted by: C Rafferty ()
Date: 03 August, 2010 08:30AM

Hi Jacqui,
RAT will take INR values up to 10.
The drop down list only goes to 5.0
You have to use the keyboard to enter the value.
My reasoning for this is to make the user stop and think about why the INR is so high.
A droplist makes it easy to enter the value, maybe too easy, and not a good idea when an INR value is high.
I hope this logic makes sense

Colm Rafferty

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