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run-time error 94
Date: 25 October, 2001 08:58AM

What does (Run-time error '94': Invalid use of Null) mean? How do you delete multiple entries of the same patient as we can't get into the patient's file to archive them? Also why does Rat default back to a certain patient after adding a new patient?

Re: run-time error 94
Posted by: Colm Rafferty ()
Date: 25 October, 2001 11:30AM

Dear Dr,
You need to update RAT to the latest version:
Download it :
It is a small file and will fit on one floppy.
Take it to the PC that runs RAT (make sure is not running)
Double-clikc the update file on the floppy. A window will appear, click the 'unzip' button.
The error(s) you describe was fixed in an update in June.
Reference below:
Let me know via email at rat@formulae.co.uk if this does not work.

Also please join the mailing list. You will receive automatically any notices re updates and bug fixes.

Colm Rafferty

Re: run-time error 94
Posted by: murali ()
Date: 06 February, 2002 11:59AM

hi i got the problem of run-time error 94. I still don;t know how to solve the same


Re: run-time error 94
Posted by: Colm Rafferty ()
Date: 06 February, 2002 06:28PM

Dear Murali,
Can I ask you to get the latest update v3.69


When downloaded to the PC using RAT, double-click the file to update (Make sure RAT is not running at the time)

If this error still occurs please let me know.
And can you describe exactly what happens to reproduce the error.
Colm Rafferty

Re: run-time error 94
Posted by: Dan Hart ()
Date: 11 June, 2002 08:21PM

cannot find setup database..... Contact you network administrator.

I am the Admin. how do you make sure RAT is not running?

Re: run-time error 94
Posted by: Colm Rafferty ()
Date: 12 June, 2002 09:14AM

Dear Dan,
Can you let me know your practice name?
Are you a registered user?

My guess is that this error has happened because you have only downloaded the update file without firstly downloading the complete software package.
Go back to the website and download the 5MB install file.

Colm Rafferty

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